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September 1999 — Hot Rod Magazine
Mothers® 1959 Sedan Delivery "Mutha Trucker"

Hot Rod Magazine legend Gray Baskerville spent a little time with the boys at Mothers® and just couldn't resist taking what Mothers® affectionately calls "The '59" out for a photo shoot.

Having been around hot rods for so many years, Baskerville has seen a lot of trends. One of the latest is what he says John Buttera calls "reachers" - a term for a hot rod that's both practical and dependable - combining an old/new formula of '50s and '60s station wagons and trucks with modern factory-replacement powertrains. The '59, yet another Mothers® masterpiece built by Gary Turnau, is what Baskerville calls "A Reet Red Reacher" in his piece from the September 1999 Hot Rod. Gary transformed a former phone company service vehicle into this long-distance reacher headed for the Hot Rod Power Tour, as well as a trans-Canadian tour for Canadian Tires stores.

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Hot Rod Magazine, "Mutha Trucker", September 1999, Story by Gray Baskerville; pg. 67-68.
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