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August 2000 — DRIVE! Magazine
Goin' Coast to Coast!

DRIVE! Magazine is considered "Your #1 Automotive Event Guide Across the U.S.A!" But when they needed some help with a story on a couchified road trip which included the Power Tour, Ken Holland and Forrest Tosie of Mothers® were more than glad to help.

DRIVE! obviously knows that Ken & Forrest are experts on the Power Tour, having authored the most comprehensive "live" online coverage of this event since 1996 (see "power tour" at

Many of the shots taken by Ken & Forrest during the Power Tour 2000 (and included in's online coverage) are reprinted in this issue of DRIVE!'s print edition as part of their monthy Run of the Month feature, "Goin' Coast to Coast!"

Whether it be quality car care products or quality Power Tour coverage, people seem to know they can always get a little help from Mothers®!

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DRIVE! Magazine, Run of the Month - Goin' Coast to Coast!, August 2000
Story by Ken Holland, Forrest Tosie and Scott Ross; pg. 20-23.
Published by DRIVE! Media
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