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August 2000 — Street Customs Magazine
Engine Detailing with Loving Hands from Mothers®

When Joe Madrigal of Street Customs Magazine needed to get his rod's engine compartment clean enough to serve dinner on, he knew he could turn to Mothers®. With the wide array of Mothers® products that are designed for both exterior and interior automotive surfaces, there's also one that can be used on almost every surface underhood. The right know-how, some household cleaning utensils & rags, some tender loving care... and a little elbow-grease is all it takes.

With the right Mothers® products, your vehicle's engine compartment... as well as the interior and exterior... can be a show-stopper, too!

Looking good with Mothers®!

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Street Customs Magazine, Special Tech - Getting Your Engine Clean Enough To Serve Dinner On
August 2000, by Joe Madrigal; pg. 15-17.
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