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October 2001 — Popular Mechanics Magazine
Mothers® California Gold® Paint Chip Repair
Is "Editor's Choice" Says Popular Mechanics

The editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine powered through the 6,000 exhibit booths of the 2001 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week in Las Vegas. Comprising several well-known trade shows including the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show and the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), manufacturers from throughout the world bring their products to display for tens of thousands of industry professionals.

PM's editors from New York, Detroit and Los Angeles selected the best of the newest products as their "Editor's Choice" award winners for 2001. Among those chosen is one of the newest additions to our quality product line, Mothers® California Gold® Paint Chip Repair.

Available Spring '02, Paint Chip Repair and your own matching touch-up paint will help you put a professional-looking flush finish on small paint blemishes.

Popular Mechanics Magazine held their annual Editor's Choice awards in a ceremony at the plush Venetian hotel.

Left to right: Don Chaikin, automotive editor, Popular Mechanics; Ken Holland, marketing manager, Mothers; and Joe Oldham, editor-in-chief, Popular Mechanics.

  • At the 2001 SEMA • ITE show, Mothers® introduced five new products:
  • Mothers® California Gold® Paint Chip Repair, a kit that smoothes imperfections following the application of touch-up paint.
  • Mothers® Bug, Bird & Tar Wipes, a convenient cleanup wipe that quickly removes bug splats, tar or bird droppings before the paint finish is stained.
  • Mothers® Billet Metal Polish, a highly refined formula designed to assure the finest finish possible on quality metals such as billet or precisely cast aluminum.
  • Mothers® Tire & Rubber Cleaner, a dedicated rubber cleanser that removes road grime as well as old tire dressings, leaving the tires properly conditioned for a fresh coat of tire dressing.
  • Mothers® Preserves Wipes, a handy fabric wipe that is treated with Mothers Preserves Protectant and can be used to condition interior vinyl trim and dashboards quickly.
Popular Mechanics Magazine, This Show Must Go On - The 2001 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards at Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week"
Web Article: Popular Mechanics Magazine (online), by Norman Mayhersohn
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