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April 2001 — Hot Bike Magazine
Mothers® Lends a Helping Hand
As Hot Bike Magazine Shows You How To "Clean Up Your Act"

When Hot Bike Magazine needed some hot tips on bike care, they had to look no further than Mothers®. The guys at Mothers® were eager to show the Hot Bike crew how to safely wash a dirty V-Twin using Mothers® new Trigger Wash. Sprayed directly onto a damp wash mitt, using the Trigger Wash helps prevent excess water and suds from splashing around. This is especially important near the dash and handlebar areas where there are sensitive wires and electronics.

After a thorough drying, each area of the bike's surface received special treatment: Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner on the seat; Chrome Polish and Mag & Aluminum Polish on the chrome; Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax on the paint; and Plastic Polish on the windscreen. Mothers® makes it easy to clean, shine and protect with their full line of quality products.

Whether you have a hot bike or a hot rod, this informative article in Hot Bike magazine will help you clean up your act - with a little help from Mothers®!

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"Clean Up Your Act With a little help from Mothers®, April 2001, Story by Jeff Deasey; pg. 30-34.
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