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Detail Guide - Tire Care
August 2001 — Street Customs Magazine
An Award Winning Shine at The Touch of a Trigger/font>

Joe Madrigal of Street Customs Magazine was after an easier way to wash his car, so he figured he was due for another visit with the experts at Mothers® , where he quickly found out washing your car is finally as easy as one, two three - when you're using Mothers® Trigger Wash.

Joe also discovered a solution for those stubborn rough spots on the paint caused by embedded contaminants. By using the Mothers® Clay Bar kit, it's easy to quickly clean and smoothen the car's finish. And to give the tires that dark gloss look, Mothers® Duration Extended Wear Tire Care is just the thing. Followed by a little Mothers® Chrome Polish on the wheels, these finishing touches not only protect and preserve, but provide a radiant glow and are really quick and easy.

Once again, Street Customs Magazine shows you, "There's No Shine Like Mothers®!"

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Street Customs Magazine, "Special Tech - An Award Winning Shine at The Touch of a Trigger"
August 2001, Story by Joe Madrigal; pg. 14-16.
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