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Detail Guide - Tire Care
April 2003 — Motor Trend
Playing With Clay? Sounds Strange, But It Works says Motor Trend

With the spring season nearing, Motor Trend explains an often overlooked, and mis-understood, beauty care step: “claying” your car. “Here’s how it works: As the clay bar passes over the properly lubricated paint surface, it pulls and shears away contaminants. Think of it as exfoliation for your painted surface. . .” explains Motor Trend.

To learn more about how clay bar technology works, read “Playing With Clay” in the April issue of Motor Trend., or read the article online at

Motor Trend Cover
Motor Trend: Playing with Clay?

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Motor Trend, “CAR CARE: Playing With Clay - Take a bar of clay to your paint? Sounds Strange — But It Works”, April 2003, pg. 122, Story by Neil G. Chirico, Photo by Scott Mead
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