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June 2003 — Hot Rod
Twin-Turbo ’62 Chevy Biscayne — Chicayne Strikes Again

The winner of the 2002 Mothers® Polish Shine Award scores a three-page fold-out poster as Hot Rod re-visits Glen Grozich’s twin-turbo ’62 Chevy Biscayne.

Christened aptly “Chicayne” this Rad Rides by Troy creation not only handles as good as it looks, but it boasts over 400 cubic inches of aluminum V8. Electronic fuel-injection, two Precision turbos and a host of other go-fast goodies help boost it to a staggering 1,200 horsepower.

You can check it out in the June 2003 edition of Hot Rod. For those of you who want to see this Shine winner in person, you might catch a glimpse of the Chicayne as it hits the road on Power Tour 2003.

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June 2003 Hot Rod
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Hot Rod, “CHICAYNE, Glen Grozich’s Twin-Turbo ’62 Chevrolet Biscayne”, Photography By Randy Lorentzen/Planet R, June 2003, Bonus Poster Centerfold
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