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July 2003 — Mothers® Motorsports MINI Cooper S:
Making Impressions On (and Off) the Track

At Mothers® Polish, we not only create fine car care products, but we also build wild rides for cruising the highways, dragging down the strips, and racing on the tracks.

One of our staffers recently finished Stage 1 of the build-up on our MINI Cooper S, so off they went to the 1.8-mile road course at the Streets of Willow Springs.

It was a warm July morning in the California desert, and track conditions were excellent for the MINI’s tightened suspension and sticky tires. There’s nothing like a challenging course to put a vehicle — and a driver — to the test!

For the first couple of laps, all was well, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

With amazing luck in favor of Greg Acosta who captured these action shots, up-close one can see two wheel bolts in mid-flight — leaving behind a loose and bent wheel; a dented wheel-well, fender and door; and one very frustrated driver.

Come to find out, someone forgot to re-torque the lug bolts to their proper specs after a recent brake pad upgrade. Back to the shop, we can inspect the damage. . .


At Mothers®, we show a lot of pride in the products we make and in the cars we build. And, when necessary, we’re also not afraid to show a little humility when we deserve it. We’re also not afraid to look an opportunity straight in the eye — an opportunity to rebuild, repaint (and, of course, re-torque).

Upgrades on our Mothers® Motorsports MINI Cooper S include new wheels and tires, fresh paint, and several other goodies as it readies for its next adventure — the Trek to Sonoma.

Hearing about our recent misfortune, a Primedia Publishing executive suggested that we carry a tube of Loctite and a spare set of lug bolts in our MINI S — just in case.

Those darn smart-alecky, sissy boy, magazine-selling, car enthusiast wannabes... Like they never lost a front wheel before!

Action Photos Courtesy of: Greg Acosta
Club Affiliation: Focus Challenge
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