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Detail Guide - Tire Care
September 2004 — Custom Rodder
Details, Details, Details.
It’s All About the Details, and Custom Rodder Shows you How!

Once considered a trade secret of the detailing industry, Mothers Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners brought to consumers an easy-to-use kit with its California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System. Based on a tried and tested process, it safely removes the dangerous contaminants on the surface without removing any paint.

Custom Rodder illustrates just how quick and easy it is to “clay bar” your car. Using the spray lubricant included in the kit, the claying process is quick and simple when done right. Claying should always be followed by waxing, and one can either use the sample size of California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax (included), or the three-step California Gold Ultimate Wax System as shown in the article (often used for darker-colored paints). And Custom Rodder finished the job off right by detailing the bright metal trim and dressing the tires.

Read all about it in the September issue, or visit Custom Rodder on the Web.

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Custom Rodder, “SMOOTH... Mothers Clay Bar... Color-Sanding Without the Grit!”, by Rob Fortier, September 2004
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