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October 2004 — The Learning Channel
Joe Rogan Shows No Fear as He Awaits Delivery
of His “Sick Fish” at Mothers® Polishes·Waxes·Cleaners

In the episode “Joe Rogan’s Sick Fish,” Rides takes viewers through the 7-month building of one “sick” 1970 ’Cuda for comedian/actor and host of TV’s Fear Factor. (Note: for us old guys, “sick’ means “cool.” -- Ed.)

Designed by Chip Foose and built by Troy Trepanier and his talented team at Rad Rides, Rogan saw his finished masterpiece for the first time on October 5 at Mothers® Polish, where the Rides crew was also waiting.

Take an inside look at some closing scenes of the “Sick Fish” episode.

In the back lot at Mothers®, a few cool cars are on display as the Rides crew sets up for the unveiling.

“I want to see more!” Way up there is Chip Foose is getting a close-up look at the car he sketched over half a year ago.

The oil pan even matches the exterior paint.

The crew gets ready for the next scene as onlookers... well, look.

Barbara Holloway of Mothers® and producer Bud Brutsman.

Meanwhile, Overhaulin’s Chris Jacobs has a Mopar unveiling of his own for Jack Trepanier and, hiding behind the open hood (below), Scott Killeen. Killeen has been covering the ’Cuda’s build for his new publication, Build Book.

Out of the rig, Jared Zimmerman of Rad Rides assists a cameraman for Joe’s inaugural spin around the block.

Moving the transporter was necessary to make room for the next scenes.

Backing up onto the street like a nervous man about to be a father.

Joe must be looking for the parachute switch!

Bud Brutsman and Chip Foose look on in approval.

Off he goes!

Back at Mothers®, they ready for some closing shots.

Chip gets up close and personal with 528 cubic inches of HEMI crate motor massaged by Troy and his team.

The huge V8 cranks out an amazing 735 hp and 580 lb-ft of torque, thanks to its Big Stuff 3 standalone engine controls, RadRides fuel injection system, MSD Ignition and Flowmaster exhaust. The engine is a piece of art in itself and also features a Rad Rides pulley system that was the focus of a segment on the episode.

That’s one sick fish!

Some more closing shots for Rides.

From this angle the Mopar looks huge, in part due to the beautiful one-off wheels by Billet Specialties. The rears are gigantic 22s and required tubbing of the wheel wells.

Troy Trepanier and Chip Foose have been featured in their own testimonial TV commercials for Mothers® Polish

The guys at Mothers® Polish have played a key role in providing insight into the exciting world of hot rodding, and Bud Brutsman’s Rides brings artists such as Chip Foose, Troy Trepanier and his team at Rad Rides by Troy to The Learning Channel for the world to enjoy.


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