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August 2005 — Sport Truck
Mothers® PowerBall™ Makes Polishing a Snap Without the Black Fingers

Readers of Sport Truck know that one of the most time-consuming parts of owning a custom truck is keeping the shine on those massive polished aluminum and billet wheels.

With the new PowerBall™ from Mothers® Polish attached to your drill, gone are the hours spent sitting on the ground, busting your knuckles until your fingers turn black. What used to take hours is now only minutes and the PowerBall™ makes it possible. Compressible, it gets into tight areas between spokes and into cracks and crevices — works great on diamond plate, too.

Read all about this time-saving tool in the August issue of Sport Truck, or read it online at

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For more information and a video on the affordable, washable and reusable Mothers® PowerBall™, please visit:

Sport Truck Magazine, “Mothers® PowerBall™ Makes Polishing a Snap Without the Black Fingers”
August 2005; pg. 118, By Calin Head
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