67 Acadian Canso

65 Ford Mustang

57 Chevrolet

00 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

70 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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07 BMW 550i M Sports
Gary J., South Africa

Titanium Silver
Black Dakota Leather

Gary says: “I’ve been lurking on Wax Forum for the past two weeks for advice on which Mothers products to test on my Titanium Silver BMW... I decided to try a synthetic based wax and see what type of extra shine I could get out of the paint. Thanks to the posts of many members on this forum I decided to try out SynWax. I have never used any wax that is this easy to remove. Compared to the previous waxes I’ve used, I’d say 50% less effort.

This morning I went over the car with FX Spray Wax, which again is by far the easiest spray wax I’ve ever used. Literally as easy as using a regular detail spray (essentially the same process too).

Now, as always it is really difficult to properly capture the results on a silver car in a photograph, so I tried a few different angles. Hope you can see the results. In person, they are impressive.

From now on, FX SynWax is my wax of choice!

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